designer and manufacturer since 1887

concepteur fabricant depuis 1887

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Independent manufacturer, we design and manufacture a wide range of high performance valves - Soft Seat Butterfly Valves, Double offset butterfly valves, Triple offset butterfly valves and Fire Safe check valves. Our customized solutions meet the wide range of customer needs and regulatory standards that appply to our different markets : O&G - Power Generation - Water treatment - Industrial Processes

BURACCO Key dates….

2017 : Certified API MONOGRAM for Butterfly Valves – API 609

2017 : FIRE SAFE ISO 10497 Certification for our High Performance Check Valve DAUPHIN Evolution

2016 : Development of the DAUPHIN Check Valve Evolution API 594

2015 : Implementation of the new Test BUNKER permitting High Pressure Gas Testing up to 420 bars

2014 : Manufacture of the first Triple Offset Butterfly Valves SERIES 3E – 64”, equipped with steam flushing seat and nitrogen injection bearings, for Steel Industry application

2012 : Development of the Triple Offset Butterfly Valve SERIES 3E Cryogenic configuration

2009 : Opening of our new production Facilities, in Montceau les Mines. Damien de MARGON becomes the C.E.O. of BURACCO

2007 : Damien de MARGON joins the management team

2006 : The joint-venture is over – BURACCO stops any technological contribution to A.B.O.

2004 : First producing of a new valve range – TRIPLE OFFSET BUTTERFLY VALVE SERIES 3E

1998 : Manufacture of the millionth butterfly valve

1996 : First producing of our – DOUBLE OFFSET BUTTERFLY VALVE SERIES 5000

1995 : Emmanuel de MARGON, the current manager acquires BURACCO

1993 : BURACCO partners with a Czech manufacturer to create A.B.O. , for the manufacture and marketing of butterfly valves of BURACCO design for Eastern European region. This association ended in 2006

1993 : In order to complete its range BURACCO acquires the company SEPAME specialized in the design and manufacture of safety devices for oil applications

1986 : BURACCO launches its first SERIES 600 butterfly valve, non-removable butterfly valve, for H.V.A.C. applications

1984 : Launch of the SERIES 900 range, butterfly valves for industrial applications

1887 : Creation of the company by Charles BURACCO in Montceau les Mines, specialized in Industrial Valves and General Mechanics

Atelier buracco au début du 20ème siècle